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Welcome everyone!

Welcome to our new server. Our server is built around being the "old" Dekaron, and we believe Action 9 was the best (before there were new skills, new classes, crazy gear, etc). Our server is built on 100% fairness and professionalism. There will be bugs, so please let us know about them via our Discord.

[May 5 2019]   Patch 7

Patch 7

Increased Argate + Mavric Drop in Space of Pilgrimage Map | Increase 160 set droprate in Phantomland, Made set drop from more mobs (before only 2 mobs, now all mobs can drop) | Fortified Obsidian now drop in space (for 151 Wing Quest) because obsidian DG is bug) | Increase dil drop in Space, Deadland, and Phatomland maps | Fixed Deadfront for 151+ | Fix Bug Teleport to Braiken instead of Ardeca | Fixed Cherubim Nest DG Entrance | Fixed Ruin of Rudne DG Entrance | Fix some UI bug | ENABLE COLOSEUM: MIN LV. 130 | ENABLE DKS: MIN LV. 130 | Remove D-Shop Buff from D-Shop |

[May 4 2019]   Patch 6

Patch 6

Increased Item Drop Rate | Decreased Add Socket Cost, Item Upgrade Cost, Item Option Cost | Fixed Some UI Bug